The band

Taikonaut are an exciting 4-piece heavy art rock band from south London, Formed by driven pro musicians bored of the shiny production of the pop and rock scene. Taikonaut play skilled, raw, thinking man's rock music.

Taikonaut are the definition of the DIY outfit, writing, producing, mastering and distributing all their own material, with emphasis on songwriting and artistic freedom. Hooks, Riffs, groves that move you and the occasional musical outburst typify this new band of experienced hands.

The band members have toured extensively through England, Europe and Canada, and cut their teeth working in teaching and recording studios in and around London. Brought together by a shared desire for a back to basics approach to live music, Taikonaut fondly evoke an old school ethos with some new school ideas.

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To book Taikonaut, please contact the manager, Sam Dunthorne.

07950 213 776


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